In the last post, we took at drawing a rather scary looking animal – a bat.  In this post, we’ll look  at drawing a cute and furry mammal – a bunny.  The steps to how to draw a bunny are very similar to drawing anything else.  It’s all about finding the simple shapes.

By layering simple shapes, the drawing becomes easy and manageable for just about anyone.  Let’s get started…

Step 1 – Layout The Basic Shapes of the Body

We’ll begin by drawing two shapes that overlap slightly for the body of the bunny.  In this case, an oval is drawn for the main part of the body and a circle is drawn for the head.  The shape drawn for the head slightly overlaps the shape drawn for the body.

How to draw a bunny step one - layout the basic shapes

Step 2 – Draw Shapes for the Ears and a Shape for the Upper Leg

Now, we’ll just build out from our initial two shapes from here, starting with a couple of shapes for the ears.  This bunny has long floppy ears so the shapes that are drawn should reflect this.  We’ll also add a shape for the upper portion of the leg.  This shape extends out from the shape that was drawn for the body in the first step.

How to draw a bunny step 2 - Add the ears and the front leg

Step 3 – Draw the Details of the Face and Shapes for the Lower Legs

The face details and the lower portions of the legs of the bunny can be added and developed in this step.  With the angle in this demonstration, only one eye will be visible.  Notice that bottom portion of the face curls down and then back up and connects in a “v” shape.  The original circle shape is used as a guide for making these lines.  An additional line is drawn under the shape for the ear on the left side of the face to add a bit of depth and the front of the body of the bunny is defined a bit further too.

How to draw a bunny step 3 - Define the face and lower portions of the legs

Step 4 – Add Whiskers and Additional Details

A few lines are pulled outward from the face for whiskers.  There are several sets of whiskers on the bunny in different areas on the face.  The longest whiskers are right next to the nose.  Medium and short length whiskers can be found  just underneath near the mouth and just above the eyes.

How to draw a bunny step 4 - adding a few details

Step 5 – Finish the Drawing of a Bunny

Using the guidelines that have been drawn in the previous steps, the drawing can be finished.  The lines that are used to finalized the drawing may be broken in order to create the impression of fur.

Let some lines be thicker so that the illusion of form is furthered.  The eyes can be darkened, just be sure to leave a white area for a highlight.  Add a bit of cast shadow underneath the bunny and erase any stray lines that may be left.

How to Draw a Bunny


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