In this drawing challenge, we’ll take a look at drawing a classic robot. Okay, I know this isn’t a person even though it is categorized under people. This robot is one of those “boxy” types that’s more like a toy instead of a menacing one that is set on taking over humankind.

Drawing a robot like this one is relatively easy since we’ll be using simple shapes to build up the structure.How to draw a classic robot step by step

Step 1 – Draw a Box For the Body

We’ll start by drawing a standard box which will become the main body of the robot.  All of the other parts will extend out from this form.
How to Draw a Classic Robot step 1 - Draw a box

Step 2 – Add a Few Rectangles and Another Box

We’ll add another box or a cube above the first for the robot head.  Segmented rectangles are drawn for the arms, hands, and legs.

How to draw a classic robot step 2 - Add Some More Boxes

Step 3 – Add the Eyes and Other Robot Details

The drawing develops a bit further here by making some of the shapes that were drawn in the last step a bit more 3 Dimensional.  A few lines extending outward from the shapes does the trick.  A couple of circles are drawn for the “eyes”, while a few rectangles and squares are added for components that may be important to the robot’s functionality. A couple of lines are added for antennas  that extend out from the shoulders.  You can be creative here and add whatever “do dads” you want.  Also a couple of blocky feet are drawn.

How to draw a classic robot step 3 - Add eyes, a mouth, and other details

Step 4 – Continue Adding Details

We’ll continue adding details in this step like the knobs on the end of the antennas.  We’ll also add that classic robot mouth with a zigzag line.  The eyes receive a second circle and crooked antenna extends outward from the center of the head.  The blocky feet are finished off with a couple of lines.

How to Draw a classic robot step 4 - Continue adding details

Step 5 – Finish the Drawing

Now the drawing can be finished using the structure that has been developed in the previous steps. A darker medium such as pen and ink may be used over the sketch to finish the drawing.

A variety of line may be used to make the drawing more interesting.  A bit of shading is added on one side of the robot to create the illusion of form and a light source.

How to draw a classic robot step 5 - finish the drawing


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