In this drawing exercise, we’ll take a look at how to draw a Corvette.  For this drawing, we’ll draw a recent body style of the classic American sports car.  It’s only natural to assume that drawing a car may be difficult.  To a certain extent, this may be true.  After all, this should be a challenge – right?  However, you can make things a whole lot easier by breaking the car down into easy to draw shapes.  Put those shapes together, and in just a few simple steps, you’ll have a drawing of a Corvette.

Step 1 – We’ll start by drawing the basic form of the car.  The Corvette slightly slants towards the front of the vehicle.  So, drawing a wedge shape here is a nice start.

How to draw a corvette step 1

Step 2- Next, we’ll soften the wedge shape by drawing two slightly curved arches on the hood of the car.  We’ll also draw the cabin of the car.  You’ll want to define the wheel wells in this step and draw a couple of ovals for the visible wheels on the left side of the car.How to draw a corvette step 2

Step 3 – Next, we can begin to add some of the details to the car.  Draw a couple of shapes to define where the lights will be positioned on the front of the car.  Finish off the bottom portion of the car by drawing the bottom of the wheels and the lower portion of the body.  You can also add a mirror and a few lines for the details on the hood and grill of the to draw a corvette step 3

Step 4- With the basic structure of the Corvette defined, you can add all of the details.  There are quite a bit of them to add.  Just use the structure that you have created to place all of the details in the right spots.  
Create a balance of dark and light areas by coloring in the shadowed areas in the cabin, the grill, the tires and wheels.  Also, add some cast shadow under the car.  It may be a good idea to go over your pencil lines with ink to make the contrast strong in the drawing. How to draw a corvette step 5


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