In the last sketchbook challenge, we took a look at drawing a wolf.  In this challenge, we’ll take a look at how to draw a dog step by step.  This drawing will not be a little cute dog.  Instead, we’ll draw one that’s a bit bigger and a bit  more rugged.  Just like drawing anything else, we’ll break the subject down into easy to draw shapes.

Step 1 – Define the Shapes of the Dog

Begin by drawing two simple shapes.  One shape should be a small circle, which will become the head of the dog.  The second shape is a teardrop shape turned on its side and will become the body of the dog.  How to draw a dog step 1

Step 2 – Add Secondary Shapes to the Drawing

Next, we’ll begin to build the drawing off of these simple shapes beginning with the legs.  A couple of organic shapes are drawn for the upper portions of the legs.  Longer shapes are drawn for the front legs and shapes for the ears are added coming off of the circle drawn for the head.How to draw a dog step 2

Step 3 – Develop the Legs and Neck

Shapes are drawn for the middle sections of the legs of the dog.  A line is drawn for the tail and for the neck.  A line is also drawn here for the snout of the dog.How to draw a dog step 3

Step 4 – Finish the Legs and Begin Details

The bottom portions of the legs are drawn in this step.  A small line is added to connect the neck with lower portion of the front side of the body.  Shapes are also drawn for the eyes of the dog.How to draw a dog step 4

Step 5 – Add Details to the Drawing

Now that the basic form of the dog has been established, details can be added.  Lines are drawn to mimic the fur of the dog, while the eyes and snout are darkened.  Concentrations of lines indicate areas of shadow on the dog’s body and underneath on the ground below.   The drawing can be finished using ink or more deliberate marks.  Any stray lines can be erased. How to draw a dog


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