Let’s take a look at how to draw a frog.  In this challenge, we’ll break a frog down into easy to draw shapes.  In fact, this challenge will only require 4 steps.

Step 1 – Draw the Shapes for the Frog Body

The first step is to simply draw the basic shapes that will make up the body of the frog.  In this case, we’ll draw two overlapping ovals.  The first oval will represent the main portion of the body.  The second oval will become  the head of the frog.

How to draw a frog step 1Step 2 – Leg Structure

Next, we’ll need to draw a structure that will become the  legs of the frog.  This structure can be made up of simple lines – much like a stick figure.  These lines will simply give us an idea of where legs need to be located and how long they should be.  
These lines should be drawn lightly, since they are simply used a structure and not as the final legs.  We’ll also need to define the locations of the eyes in this step as well.  A simple oval will do for one of the eyes, while a smooth hump is drawn for the other.

How to draw a frog step 2

Step 3 – Thicken Up the Structure

Now that we have a structure to use as a guide, we can “thicken” things up.  Beginning with the legs, draw the contours or outlines to define the form.  A “nose” can be added coming off of the oval that was drawn for the head.  The oval that was drawn for the head and the body are connected with lines that help define the form of the frog.  The right eye also is developed with a simple shape inside of the oval.  How to draw a frog step 3

Step 4 – Finish the Drawing

Using the structural drawing, finish the image by adding details.  The legs receive some frog “fingers”.  The body can be defined further using a variety of lines that outline the form.  A bit of texture is added on the skin, while a line is defined down the side of the frog.  Once the structure has been completed, adding details to the drawing is the easy and rewarding part.
How to draw a frog step 4


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