In this challenge, we’ll look at how to draw a gorilla.  Like with the previous challenges, we’ll approach this drawing using simple shapes that are easy to draw.  This drawing process can be applied to any subject.  Look for simple shapes in what you are drawing, piece those together, and you can draw anything that you want to.  Even complex objects can be simplified into basic shapes.

Now, let’s take a look at how this approach may be applied to drawing a gorilla.

Step 1 – Stack Three Shapes

The first step will be to stack three shapes – an oval and a couple of organic shapes.  The top oval will become the head of the gorilla.  The middle shape will become the chest, and the lower shape will become the lower portion of the body.  These shapes should overlap each other slightly.

How to draw a gorilla - step 1 - stack shapes

Step 2 – Draw Lines for the Arms and the Neck

Using the stack of shapes, we’ll start to define the arms and the neck of the gorilla.  The neck will be defined by drawing a line downward from the top of the oval, while the arms should be defined by lines that extend out from the middle shape.

How to draw a gorilla - step 2 - Draw the arms and the neck

Step 3 – Establish Facial Feature Locations and Draw the Hands

We’ll use four lines to help locate the facial features of the gorilla.  The first line should segment the head in half right down the middle.  The other three lines will establish the locations of the eyes, nose, and mouth.  We’ll also draw a few lines to define a few wrinkles in the chest, the hands, and the other edges of the legs.


How to draw a gorilla - step 3 - draw the hands and establish the locations of the facial features

Step 4 – Draw the Facial Features and the Feet

Using the guidelines that were drawn on the head, fill in the facial features.  Be sure to leave a small white speck in the center of the eye for a highlighted area.  We’ll make the gorilla appear friendly, so facial features will be drawn to reflect this.  The mouth is drawn with slightly upturned corners to create the impression of a subtle smile.  The feet can be drawn in this step as well.

How to draw a gorilla - step 4 - draw the facial features and feet

Step 5 – Finish the Drawing by Adding Details

Using the structure that we developed in the previous steps, we can finish the drawing by adding details like the fur and areas of shadow.  Going over all of the lines with a darker medium, like ink, will increase the contrast.

Allow some of the lines to be thicker and thinner in areas in order to create a bit of variety in the drawing.  All of the lines that are no longer needed can be erased to reveal the finished drawing.

How to draw a gorilla - step 5 - Finish the drawing by adding details


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