In this challenge, we’ll take a look at drawing a horse.  The drawing process will be made simpler by breaking the subject down into easy to draw shapes.  We can piece these shapes together to construct a more complex drawing.  A  horse will be made up of mostly organic shapes.

In this example, we’ll draw the horse from a front facing view. Let’s get started…

Step 1 – Draw a Shape for the Neck and a Shape for the Body

We’ll first draw two overlapping shapes.  The first shape will be similar to a triangle in that it will taper at one end.  This shape will become the neck of the horse.  A second shape is drawn next overlapping the first.  This shape is similar to an oval, but should be slightly straighter across the top.

How to draw a horse - step 1 - draw a shape for the body and shape for the neck

Step 2 – Draw Shapes for the Legs, the Upper Part of the Face, and the Ears

We’ll branch out from the shapes that were drawn in the first step and add the shapes for the legs, the upper portion of the head, and the ears.  The legs will each consist of two sections.  The upper sections should be a little larger at the top, where they will connect with the body.  The upper sections should also overlap the shape that was drawn for body.  The ears of the horse can be established with a couple of simple triangles placed on top of the head shape.

How to draw a horse - step 2 - draw shapes for the legs and the upper part of the face

Step 3 – Draw the Hooves and the Bottom Part of the Head

A shape is drawn for the bottom part of the head that slightly overlaps the shape that was drawn in the previous step.  A few shapes are also added to the bottom of the legs for the hooves of the horse.  A line is drawn to indicate the location of the tail, which will be partly visible by the drawing’s completion.

How to draw a horse - step 3 - Draw he hooves and bottom part of the head
Step 4 – Complete the Drawing Using the Shapes as Guidelines

Using the shapes as guidelines, draw the contours (outlines) of the horse.  Be sure to vary the line quality (thickness or thinness) to help create the illusion of form.

Add a bit of shading underneath the horse and on the front of the head of the horse.  A bit of cast shadow underneath the horse will also add the illusion of a light source.  Details such as the eyes, the nostrils, the mane, and the tail should also be added.  Erase any stray marks to complete your drawing.

How to draw a horse - completed image


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