In this drawing challenge, we’ll draw a ladybug. Ladybugs are some of the most beautiful insects on the planet. Their shiny backs and brightly colored exoskeletons make them unique and interesting. It seems that most people are content to let ladybugs just live alongside them, when other bugs would get the “squash”.

A ladybug’s body is fairly simple, so this drawing challenge will be fairly easy to tackle. Start with light marks in your drawing and get progressively darker through the process and you are sure to be successful.

Step 1 – Draw Two Overlapping Ovals

The first thing we’ll draw are two overlapping ovals.  The larger oval will become the main part of the ladybug body, while the smaller oval will become the mid-section.  Notice that the ovals overlap at a diagonal.  Placing the ovals in this manner will help to create the illusion that the ladybug is walking forward a bit.
Step 1 - Draw Two Overlapping Ovals

Step 2 – Draw a Third Oval for the Head and Lines for the Legs

Now draw a third oval that overlaps the smaller oval.  This smallest oval will become the head of the ladybug.  Draw a line down the middle of the back of the bug to indicate where the two wings come together.  The shape of the back can be refined here to to make the form look more realistic.  We’ll also draw a few lines to indicate the visible parts of the legs.  These lines can “break” and bend in areas.

Step 2 - Draw a Third Oval and Lines For The Legs

Step 3 – Add Ladybug Spots and Thicken Some of the Parts

Using the lines for the legs as a guide, we can thicken up the segments.  We can also add those wonderful ladybug spots on the back.  Notice that these lines are not perfectly circular.  You can add as many as you like, just be sure to keep some space between each one of them.  We can also ad a few details to the head.  Shapes for the eyes are drawn as well as the antennae.

Step 3 - Add Ladybug Spots and Thicken the Parts

Step 4 – Go Over the Lines with a Dark Drawing Medium

Now that the shapes of the ladybug are in place, we can go over the sketched lines with a darker medium.  This can be your medium of choice.  If you use ink, you can erase any of the stray pencil lines that may remain after the ink has dried.  This will make the drawing look nice and clean.

We’ll use the darker medium to fill in the spots and a large portion of the mid-section and head.  The legs are also darkened.  To make the legs appear shiny, leave a thin, white line to create the illusion of a highlight.

Step 4 - Go Over the Lines With a Dark Medium

Step 5 – Add Color

A ladybug just wouldn’t be complete without adding that nice bright red to its body.  To make the body look like it is shiny, leave a few areas of strong highlight.  A bit of core shadow will exist around the edges and underneath the wings. Use your medium of choice to add the color and complete the drawing.

Step 5 - Add Color to The Ladybug


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