In this challenge, we’ll take a look at drawing a Panda step by step.  Just like with the other sketchbook challenges, we’ll look at the basic shapes that exist within the more complex shape of the animal.  Drawing loosely at the start of the process will help you “find” the shapes.  You can then build these shapes up to create the shape of the panda.

Step 1 – Draw Three Ovals for the Body of the Panda

First, draw three overlapping ovals for the body of the panda.  A medium-sized circle is drawn for the head, with a second elongated oval added for the upper portion of the back.  A long oval is drawn at a diagonal for the back end of the body.

Draw a panda step one - draw three ovals

Step 2 – Draw Shapes for the Ears, Arms, and Facial Features

Next, we’ll build off of the three shapes that were drawn in the last step to add more information to the panda.  A couple of shapes are drawn for the arms.  We’ll also add a couple of ovals for the ears.  A few of the locations for the facial features are defined including the nose (or snout) and the eyes.  A couple of lines are drawn to connect the lower portion of the body and  the upper portion.

How to draw a panda step 2 - draw the facial features and arms

Step 3 – Draw the Paws and the Hind Legs

Next, we’ll draw the paws at the end of the legs and add a couple of lines for the hind legs.  A couple of dark shapes are added for the eyes.

How to draw a panda step 3 -Add the paws

Step 4 – Draw the Patterns on the Fur  and the Details on the Face

We can add some of the details that will make the animal look like a panda.  This includes the sections in the fur that will be black.  We can also add some more of the details that are found on the face like the nostrils and mouth.

How to draw a panda step 4 - Draw the patterns in the fur and the details on the face

Step 5 – Finish the Drawing

Now, using the structure that was built in the previous steps, we can finish the drawing.  Darken in areas on the panda that are black, but leave a few subtle white lines to create the illusion of texture.  A few lines can be added to create the illusion of fur in the lighter areas as well.

These lines should be concentrated in areas of shadow.  A few grass blades are added around the panda to make the drawing appear more natural.
How to draw a panda - Finish the drawing


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