In this sketchbook challenge, we’ll draw a person standing.  It’s very easy to accomplish drawing this pose when we look for simple lines and shapes to draw.  We’ll begin by drawing a structure and then develop the drawing from our initial marks.

Like with many figure drawings, we can start with a simple line to make sure that we get the figure on the paper and continue the development of the shapes from there.
How to draw a man standing with arms crossed

During each step of the drawing, we’ll evaluate proportion. Start drawing lightly at the beginning and progressively get more deliberate with your marks. Let’s get started.


Step 1 – We’ll begin by visually measuring the length of the figure from the head to the feet.  Draw a line on your paper to indicate this length.  This will ensure that you fit the entire figure on the paper and will help us find the proportions for the shoulders and the waist.  With this initial line defined, we can draw a line for the shoulders and one for the waist.  Be aware that thes lines may curve a bit.
Step 2 – Next we’ll draw lines from the arms and the legs. The lines for the arms will start at the edges of the line that we drew for the shoulders.  Make the lines change direction at the elbow.  In this pose, the figure has the arms crossed, so the lines will cross over each other.  We will also simplify the shapes for the hands.  Draw lines for the legs in this step as well.

Simple shapes for the feet will do as well.  We’ll also locate the head with a simple oval.  Be sure to leave some space for the neck.step23

Step 3 – In this step, we’ll begin to thicken up the upper arms, torso, and the upper portions of the legs.  We’ll also add a couple of lines for the neck.  Use the guidelines that you drew in the last step as guide.step33

Step 4 – In this step, we’ll finish off the the shapes for the lower legs and the bottom portions of the of the arms.  Here again, simple shapes will do.  You can also begin to establish the locations of the facial features.  step43

Step 5 – Now using the information that we have established in the previous steps, we can add details to the drawing and finish it up. step51


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