In this sketchbook challenge, we’ll take a look at how to draw a pig.  Pigs are fairly simple to draw in a representational manner.  Just like with any other subject, you’ll just need to locate the basic shapes that you see and draw those first.  Then it’s very easy to add contour lines or outlines around the pig to finish the drawing. Despite what many people think, pigs are actually very clean animals. You’ll want to do the same here and keep your drawing clean throughout the process. Start with light lines and get heavier as the drawing develops.


Step 1 – Begin by drawing two shapes.  The larger shape will become the back end of the body of the pig, while the smaller shape will become the head.  Remember, you can draw very loose in the beginning stages of the drawing.  You are simply drawing “to find” the shapes of the pig here.

Pig 1

Step 2 –  Next, you can draw a slightly curved line to connect the backend of the body with the head.  You should also draw shapes for the snout and shapes for the legs of the pig as well.
Pig 2

Step 3 – A few more slightly curved lines are added to round out the body.  Also, a couple of shapes are drawn for the ears.  A few more lines are added to finish off the shapes of the legs as well.  Pig 3

Step 4 – Now you have the basic structure of the pig and you can draw the contour lines (outlines) to finish off the drawing.  You may choose to draw your finished lines with ink to make the drawing a bit more bold.  You can also erase any pencil lines that may be left after the ink as dried.Pig 4


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