In this sketchbook challenge, we’ll draw a realistic cat.  We’ll draw just a typical, “run of the mill” feline here – not very cute.  There are enough pictures of cute cats out there already, right? Texture will be important here, so after we draw the basic shapes, we’ll create lines that give the illusion of fur, while also developing the values. Just like with anything else, we’ll simply break the cat down into easy to draw shapes.  When we put those simple shapes together, we’ll have the form of the cat.  From there, we’ll simply add the contour lines (outlines)


Step 1 –  Begin by drawing three simple shapes.  These shapes should overlap each other a bit.   A circle should be drawn for the head, a long oval for the body, and a shorter but wider oval for the hind leg.

How to Draw a Cat Step 1

Step 2 – Next, draw a couple of lines extending out from the top for the ears.  Just above the long oval, draw a couple of curved lines for the beginnings of the eyes.  A line should be extending out of the middle of the long oval for the beginnings of the front leg.  The hind leg of the cat can be drawn here too.  And a simple line is drawn for the tail.How to Draw a Cat Step 2

Step 3 – Next, we’ll add a few details to the face including the bottom portion of the eyes and lines for mouth, nose, and bottom of the chin.  We’ll also finish off the front legs.  A line should be added to indicate the chest and a part of the right hind leg may be slightly visible.How to Draw a Cat Step 3

Step 4 – Now using  the structural lines and shapes that we have already put down, we’ll finish off the contours (outlines) of the cat’s body.  We’ll also add some whiskers.How to Draw a Cat Step 4

Step 5 – We now have enough information drawn that we can finish the drawing.  You may want to go over the lines with ink to enhance the contrast.  Once the ink dries, you can erase any pencil lines that remain to clean up the finished image.How to Draw a Cat Step 5


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