It’s no wonder that the Ferrari is such a desirable car.  What more can you ask for in a car?  While we may not all be able to afford a Ferrari, we all most certainly can draw one.  In this sketchbook challenge, we’ll look at how to draw a Ferrari step by step. This subject may seem complicated – and it is.  But when we approach the drawing by analyzing the form and breaking the form down into simple shapes, the process is a lot easier.

Step 1 – Layout the Basic Shapes of the Body of the Car

Just about any complex subject can be broken down into easy and basic shapes.  It’s the task of the artist to find these basic shapes within complex forms and draw them. For the Ferrari, we’ll begin with three simple ovals that overlap each other slightly.  The longer oval on the left side of the drawing will become the hood of the car.  The middle oval will become the cabin and middle section of the car and the smaller oval on the right will become the back of the car.

How to Draw a Ferrari step one - Layout the basic shapes

Step 2 – Use the Shapes to Define the Form of the Car

Using the overlapping ovals as a guide, the body of the car is defined.  Shapes for the headlights are added and a couple of ovals are drawn for the wheels.

How to Draw a Ferrari step two - Add shapes for headlights and wheels

Step 3 – Add Shapes for a Few Details

We’ll continue to build upon the shapes and develop a few of the details on the car.  These shapes include the windshield and side windows, the visible side mirror, the spoiler, and the front vents.  The upper portion of the wheel wells are also drawn.  A line is drawn to indicate the bottom of the rear tire and a shape is drawn for the vent on the side of the car.

How to Draw a Ferrari Step Three - Draw the windshield, and mirrors

Step 4 – Finish the Drawing of a Ferrari

With the structure of the car defined with the shapes that have drawn in the previous steps, the details can added and the drawing can be finished.  Be sure to create a balance between black and white areas.  
Exploit this contrast to create the illusion of the reflection on the window.  Also, be sure to add a bit of cast shadow underneath the car to create the illusion of a light source.

How to Draw a Ferrari - Finish the drawing


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