In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at drawing a realistic mouse.  This one will be fairly simple considering that the shape of the mouse isn’t very complex.   We’ll draw loosely in the beginning stages and progressively become more deliberate with our marks as we develop the details.

Step 1 – Draw Two Overlapping Circles

We’ll begin by drawing two circles that slightly overlap each other.  These two shapes will become the body and the head of the mouse.

How to Draw a Mouse Step 1 - Draw two overlapping circles

Step 2 – Draw Lines for Head and the Tail

Next, the shape of the head is established by drawing lines that extend outward from one of the circles drawn in the last step.  A couple of lines are also drawn for the ears and a shape is added for the eye.  A line is also drawn for the tail extending outward from the second circle.

How to draw a mouse step 2 - Draw lines for the head and tail

Step 3 – Develop the Face, Legs, and Tail

We’ll continue developing the structure of the mouse by drawing additional lines for the nose and the legs.  (Only three of the legs are visible in our view of the mouse.)  We’ll also thicken up the tail by adding an additional line to it.  The inside part of the ear is also drawn in this step.

How to draw a mouse step 3 - Develop the face, feet, and tail

Step 4 – Add Some Whiskers and Feet

In this step, we’ll add whiskers in various locations on the face.  These lines are drawn with a bit of a curve to make them look a bit more natural.  Shapes are also drawn for the feet.

How to draw a mouse step 4 - Add some whiskers and the feet

Step 5 – Finish the Drawing

Now we have a solid structure from which we can finish the drawing of a mouse.   We’ll add lines around the contours of the mouse to make him appear furry.  We’ll also fill in the eye with a dark value, but leave a couple of white specks for highlights.  The tail is addressed with cross contour lines to make it look “ribbed”.  The same type of lines are drawn on the feet.  A bit of cast shadow is added underneath the mouse as well.

How to Draw a Mouse


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