In this step by step drawing tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to draw a rhinoceros. I recently read a manuscript that I wrote when I was in the second grade entitled, “What Animal I would Like To Be”. For some reason, my response was a rhinoceros. Maybe I thought at the time that the lone horn would be really cool to have. Rhinos are pretty interesting animals after all.

Step 1 – Draw Two Shapes For the Body

We’ll start with two simple, circular shapes for the body. The larger, longer oval will become the center portion of the animal, while the skinner oval will become the head. At this stage, we’re simply comparing the relationship of the head with the rest of the body.

How to draw a rhinoceros step 1

Step 2 – Draw Contour Lines For The Back, Head, and Two Legs

Next, we’ll draw the contour lines, or outlines, for the back and the head. These lines are organic and jut upward over the shoulder and the rear legs. We’ll also draw the contours for the two legs that are closest to the viewer in the image.

How to draw a rhinoceros step 2

Step 3 – Add the Ears, a Few Details for the Face, and The Other Legs

We’ll add a couple of ears to the top portion of the head and few indications of details on the face. These details include the eyes, a short line for the nostrils, and a slightly curved line for the mouth. We’ll also draw a few wrinkles and of course, the other two legs on the other side of the body.

How to draw a rhinoceros step 3

Step 4 – Additional Details Are Added

Now we can simply continue to add details to the drawing. We’ll add the unique horn on the lower portion of the snout. We’ll also draw a slightly smaller one right behind it. More wrinkles are added to the face and portions of the body.

How to draw a rhinoceros step 4

Step 5 – Finish the Drawing of the Rhinoceros

Now all that’s left to do is to go over all of our lines with ink or a darker medium to finish the drawing. Any stray lines made in the earlier steps can be gently erased. We’ll also draw a bit of grass under the rhino, covering up the lower portions of the hooves. The lines drawn for the grass should become a bit more concentrated in areas where there is shadow. And that’s it, your sketch of a rhinoceros is complete!

How to draw a rhinoceros step 5


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