In this sketchbook challenge, we will take a look at how to draw an elephant using basic shapes.  An elephant is easy to draw when we look at how basic the shapes are that we’ll be using. Just a few circles and ovals will get the ball rolling with this one. With every drawing, your skills will improve, so let’s get to it.


Step 1 – We’ll begin the drawing by defining the basic form of the body of the elephant.  To achieve this, we’ll draw three overlapping circles.  The circle on the left will become the head of the elephant, while the circle on the right will become the hind end of the animal.

Elephant 1

Step 2 – Next, we’ll draw a line connecting two of the circles.  We’ll bring that line down the front of the elephant to create the trunk.  Also, draw four shapes to represent the upper portions of the elephant’s legs.Elephant 2

Step 3 – Next, draw the bottom portion of the legs, again with simple shapes.  Notice that the hind legs are smaller because they are slightly farther away.  You can also draw the tusks in this step. Elephant 3

Step 4 – Now we can begin to add some of the details of the drawing.  A few wrinkles on the trunk and legs of the elephant add to the realism of the drawing.   We’ll draw the ear, the bottom portions of the feet, the eye, and the mouth here too.Elephant 4

Step 5 – With the guidelines defined, the drawing can be completed.  A few more wrinkles help to complete the drawing.  A bit of shadow under the elephant helps create the illusion of a light source as well. I suggest finishing off the drawing with ink and then erasing the pencils lines that may be left.Elephant 5


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