Many people think that drawing a person is difficult.  Thankfully, these people are mistaken.  If you can recognize the basic shapes that make up a person and know which steps to take, drawing a person is actually very manageable. We’ll simply start with a line and go from there. Anyone can draw a line, right?
How to draw an old man step by step
Let’s take a look at how to draw an old man.  We’ll break the drawing process down into simple steps.


Step 1 – Draw a line that extends down the length of the figure.  Our figure has a slightly curved back, so the line will curve slightly.  The line will come back up at a slight diagonal, then bend downward and out.

Old Man 1

Step 2 – Use the figure guideline to create a stick figure of the old man.  Draw lines for the bone structure and shapes for the joints and feet.  A line should also be drawn for the back of the figure and since our subject is seated, we’ll add the beginnings of the chair.Old Man 2

Step 3 – Now, we’ll simply use the stick figure as a guide to thicken up the figure.  We’ll draw both the arms and the legs and indicate a shape for the hair.  We’ll decide on the locations of the facial features by drawing a few lines and add a bit more to the chair.Old Man 3

Step 4 – Now our drawing is really starting to come together.  In this step, we’ll add more to the hair and add the facial features.  We’ll also add a coat and a few lines for wrinkles in the clothing.Old Man 4

Step 5 – Now we can use the information to finish the drawing.  You may choose to cover your pencil lines with ink to finish off the sketch.  Old Man 5


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