In this sketchbook challenge, we’ll draw a wolf.  I wouldn’t want to run into a wolf in the woods, but I sure don’t mind to draw one.   Texture is important in the finishing stages of the drawing. So, after we develop the structure with simple shapes, we’ll be sure to develop the illusion of fur using lines. Anything can be drawn with basic shapes, and this wolf is no different.  Let’s get started…

Step 1 – Begin the drawing by drawing two simple organic shapes that slightly overlap each other.  How to draw a wolf step 1

Step 2 – Next, a series of shapes are added for the head, open mouth, ear, and the upper portion of the legs.  A line is also added for the beginnings of a tail.  it’s important to notice how the shapes overlap each other.  It’s also pretty early in the drawing process, so your marks can be loose and light.    How to draw a wolf step 2

Step 3 – A couple of lines are added next to connect the two shapes that were drawn in the first step.  A line is drawn for the inside parts of the visible ear and couple more shapes are drawn for the upper portions of the legs on the left side of the body.  A small mark is made to indicate the eye as well.  Also, a shape is added to lower portion of the right rear leg.  How to draw a wolf step 3

Step 3 – In this step, the lower portions of the leg are added along with the paws of the wolf.  The tail is also finished off with a short line that returns back into the body.   How to draw a wolf step 4

Step 5 – Now the drawing can be finished using the shapes established in the previous steps.  The lines drawn for the outside of the body should consist of short strokes to help create the illusion of fur on the body. A few marks are made of the inside of the outlines to help further this illusion.  By concentrating the fur strokes in areas, the illusion of shadow can be created.  A bit of cast shadow is added under the wolf as well to finish off the drawing.How to draw a wolf step 5


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